Bystander Injuries in Construction AccidentsWe’ve talked about the dangers posed to workerson construction sites, but negligence in constructions zones can also injure bystanders. In 2016, a man was killed when a crane collapsedin Lower Manhattan. It was found that the operator had failed to properly secure the crane the night before, leaving it unstable. When high winds blew through the area, the crane collapsed, and the results were tragic. 
Construction sites can be found throughout New York City, and millions of people walk on or around these sites every day. Construction sites are dangerous, not only for those who work there but for innocent bystanders who pass by. Construction companies should think carefully about the risks their sites pose to bystanders and take steps to protect them. There are a number of common ways that bystanders can be injured near a construction site.
Falling Objects 
One of the most common ways that a bystander can be injured near a construction site is by a falling object. Things like unsecured tools, unstable scaffolding, unsecured cranes, and loose debris can all fall on a passerby and cause serious injury. Contractors and construction companies have a duty to ensure that equipment is properly secured and that the area around the construction site is safe from falling objects.
Vehicle Accidents
Construction sites are filled with vehicles including heavy dump trucks, backhoes, cranes, and tractor-trailer trucks used to carry materials and perform other duties. These vehicles are very large and heavy, especially when they are filled with construction materials. They can cause serious damage if they collide with passenger vehicles and can be deadly if they come into contact with a pedestrian.
Exposure to Hazardous Materials
Sometimes construction workers have to handle hazardous materials in the course of their jobs. If these materials are not handled carefully and disposed of properly, they can endanger bystanders. Hazardous materials can cause damage to the lungs, eyes, and faces of passing bystanders.
Slip and Fall Accidents
In and around construction sites surfaces may be in disarray. Sidewalks may be pulled up, and scaffolding could be placed in a pedestrian walkway. In addition, construction debris and equipment could be carelessly left in the way of bystanders. Spilled liquids and other materials can also cause hazards to bystanders. Contractors and property owners have a duty to warn bystanders and pedestrians of possible hazards and make reasonable efforts to repair them.
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