Common Causes of Construction Site InjuriesConstruction work can be a dangerous business. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 1 in 5 workplace deaths occurred on construction sites. Accidents at constructions sites are all too frequent and can result from negligence such as unsafe working environments, improper use of equipment, and insufficient safety measures. Common causes of construction site injuries include:
Falls from Heights
According to OSHA, falls are the number one cause of construction site injuries. Especially in New York City, most construction sites involve tall buildings. Falls can occur due to improper safety measures or training.
Struck by Object
Being struck by an object can cause severe injuries to a construction worker. These objects could include hand tools falling from a height, heavy machinery, building materials such as brick and wood, or crane or forklift loads. Safety training and the use of protective equipment can help reduce the number of injuries caused by falling objects.
Since construction sites are often works in progress, there’s the potential for exposed wiring that can cause electrocution. Electrocution can also result from defective power tools, overhead power lines, lack of ground fault protection, and the improper use of extension cords.
Getting Caught In or Between Objects
OSHA classifies this type of accident as involving either the caving-in of something like a trench, being pulled into or caught in machinery or equipment, or being compressed or crushed between rolling, sliding, or shifting objects.
Slips, Trips, and Falls
Workers can trip on tools and other materials left lying around the site. Oils or other liquids spilled on the surfaces of the site can also cause slip and fall injuries. Injuries can be prevented by keeping the site cleaned up and making sure workers have the proper footwear.
Vehicle Accidents
Construction sites are often located near or adjacent to roads or highways. Drivers can fail to be cautious and hit workers as they drive through a construction area. Wearing reflective vests or other protective clothing can help prevent these accidents.
Scaffolding Accidents
Scaffold and ladder accidents can be caused by the failure to properly maintain or construct a scaffold and failing to protect workers from the dangers of working at heights. Scaffolding accidents can involve falling from a height or being struck by an object that fell from a height.
Construction Equipment Malfunction
Construction tools and heavy machinery that were manufactured or designed improperly can cause serious injuries on a construction site. Equipment that is designed safely and manufactured adequately shouldn’t cause injuries.
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