The long-term trauma that results from childhood sexual abuse can have a devastating effect on survivors. The emotional and psychological scars can run deep. The trauma can cost jobs and relationships. For some survivors, a sense of closure can be helpful in the healing process. Holding abusers, and the institutions that enable abuse, accountable for their actions can be a helpful step toward healing for survivors.

Until recently, efforts of adult survivors of sexual abuse to hold abusers accountable have been blocked due to the statute of limitations. However, in February of 2019, the Child Victims Act was signed into law and brought new hope to survivors. The law extended the statute of limitations for cases involving childhood sexual abuse. It also contained a lookback period that allowed survivors to seek justice even decades after they were abused. This means that otherwise time-barred cases can now be pursued.

The lookback period and extension of the statute of limitations is important because, for a variety of reasons, childhood sexual abuse survivors often wait to disclose the abuse they suffered. A unique feature of childhood sexual abuse is that it happens in secret, and survivors are taught to keep it that way. Survivors should not be punished for their hesitation to disclose, and now they have an avenue to pursue justice.

As a result of the Child Victims Act, thousands of survivors have filed lawsuits against institutions such as the Boy Scouts of America, schools, churches, youth groups and Boy Scouts of America. Holding these institutions accountable for the abuse they enabled is a crucial feature of the Child Victim’s Act and can help survivors heal.

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