Why you Should Act Quickly on Your Child Victims Act Claim

The Child Victims Act was passed by the New York Legislature in 2019 in an effort to protect survivors of child sexual abuse. Survivors and advocates spent years pushing for the legislation and finally achieved an avenue for justice.

Along with the legislation came a look-back period that gave all survivors, regardless of age, the opportunity to file a civil lawsuit against their abusers and the institutions that enabled abuse. This provision offered an alternative to the typical statute of limitations which would have prevented thousands of survivors from seeking justice.

Due to COVID-19, the look-back period was extended an additional year. The deadline for survivors to file claims without regard to the statute of limitations is now August 14, 2021. With this deadline only months away, it is important for survivors to act quickly.


Acting Quickly

While the Child Victims Act has been in place for some time now, unfortunately, many survivors didn’t know of its existence. In addition, many who were aware of the Act may not have known about the look back period and felt that they were out of luck. In some cases, survivors may still be reluctant to come forward or feel that it will be too difficult to establish their case.

Anyone who has been a victim of child sex abuse should not wait any longer to come forward if they wish to seek justice. An experienced Child Victims Act attorney can help you establish a strong case. It is important not to wait until the last minute because there may be some research that has to be conducted before filing a lawsuit.


Spreading the Word

It is important to spread the word about the upcoming look-back period deadline. Many survivors may still be unaware that this provision can help them seek compensation. An experienced attorney like those at Bonina & Bonina, P.C., is waiting to help survivors gain some closure and achieve the justice they deserve.


Contact an Experienced Child Victims Act Attorney

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