Who is Responsible for a Swimming Pool Accident

Swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat and are usually a safe form of fun. Unfortunately, however, some days in the pool can result in accident and injury. If you’ve been injured in a swimming pool accident, you may want to pursue compensation for your damages. In that case, it is important to determine who may be responsible for your injuries.


Public Pools 

Generally, the owner and operator of a public pool are responsible for ensuring that the premises are safe for those who have been invited to use the pool. In some cases, the owner of the public pool may be the City of New York. Owners of public pools have a responsibility to ensure that the pool and surrounding areas are free from dangerous conditions. They should use the appropriate chemicals to keep the pool clean. They should also make sure that lifeguards are appropriately trained and have the ability to enforce pool rules. The owner and operator of the pool could be held liable for any injury if there is a dangerous condition associated with the pool of which the owner should have been aware. In some cases, such as if there was defectively manufactured water slide or other defective pool equipment, the manufacturer of the product may be held liable for injuries.


Hotel and Apartment Pools

Just like the owners of public pools, hotels, and apartment complexes are also responsible for ensuring that their pools are in a safe condition. They should also make sure that their pools are fenced in and inaccessible to unaccompanied children. Failure to maintain a safe pool environment can result in liability on the part of the hotel or apartment complex owner.


Residential Pools

Homeowners can also be held responsible for injuries that take place in and around their pools. They are responsible for creating a safe environment for their guests. A pool can create what is legally known as an “attractive nuisance” as pools are enticing to children. Therefore, homeowners should ensure that their pool is protected by a four-sided fence that can be locked.  In doing so, they can protect trespassing children from being injured on their property.


Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

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