What the Child Victims Act Means for Survivors of Sexual Abuse
For survivors of childhood sexual abuse, the long-term effects can be devastating. The mental and emotional scars can last a lifetime. Holding sexual abusers accountable for their actions can bring some closure to survivors and compensation in a civil lawsuit can help victims cover the costs of treatment and counseling that may allow them to move forward in their lives.

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse frequently don’t come forward with their stories or wait until long after the abuse has occurred to report the incidents. With a limited statute of limitation to allow for civil suits in these cases, many victims are unable to see any recourse against their attackers. The Child Victims Act, if passed in New York, would allow survivors more time to come forward which could make all the difference.

The Importance of Seeking Justice

The purpose of the civil justice system is to hold individuals and institutions responsible for the harm they have caused others. A civil case against an abuser or the institution responsible for protecting the child can provide survivors with the monetary resources necessary to rebuild their lives. It can also hold abusers accountable to their victims and send a message that there are consequences to these horrendous actions. In some cases, holding an abuser responsible for their actions may help prevent future abuses.
The extended statute of limitations provided by the Child Victims Act will give survivors the time they need to report. In addition, the one year look back period of the Act is essential to assist current survivors who have waited possibly decades for justice. The look-back provision is controversial, but it provides an essential opportunity for all survivors to be heard and be given the opportunity to heal. It is unfair for a survivor to be precluded from seeking compensation for their injuries because they didn’t come forward immediately.

Contact a Trusted Attorney

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