Were You the Victim of a Crime Due to Negligent Security?As the world knows, there is an endless number of fascinating, interesting public and private places to visit and experience in New York City. Every day, members of the general public entrust their safety to the operators and proprietors of supermarkets, retail stores, shopping centers, malls, banks, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, and motels.
Owners of these commercial properties have a duty to take exercise reasonable care to protect guests, especially when they have or should have knowledge of the risk of criminal activity. Whether you were assaulted in a nightclub or were attacked in the parking lot of a shopping mall, Bonina and Bonina, P.C. may protect your rights and help you recover for your injuries, pain and suffering.
When a property owner or operator is aware of or should be aware of security risks on or near its property, the property owner must take reasonable action to protect guests from harm or warn them of the possible, present danger. When an owner or operator fails to rectify security issues on their property, they have violated their duty of care and may be held liable for any resulting damages.
Examples of inadequate security measures that may give rise to liability on the part of an owner:

  • Insufficient video, surveillance, and lighting equipment;
  • Areas that provide criminals with places to conceal themselves;
  • Inadequate door or window locks;
  • Security guard negligence;
  • Insufficiently trained security personnel;
  • Negligent hiring of security personnel;
  • Regular occurrences of crimes such as assault and battery;
  • Failure to warn of recent criminal activity; and
  • Unsecured entry to facility.

If you are injured as a result of negligent security, you may recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. It is important to consult with experienced New York personal injury lawyers, like those at Bonina and Bonina, P.C., to ensure that you fully recover all of your losses and receive the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled.
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