If your child has suffered an injury at school, you may have a claim based on negligent supervision. Schools and daycare facilities have an affirmative duty to properly supervise children left in their care. When a parent leaves their child at school, under NY law the school stands in the shoes of the parent, and is the child’s de facto guardian. As such they have a duty to ensure the child’s safety and well being.
Some examples of negligent supervision include inadequate staffing, leaving classrooms unsupervised, or allowing children to engage in dangerous activities. The consequences can be significant – our firm has represented children injured at schools who sustained fractures, disfigurement, and, in a tragic case, drowned. To recover for negligent supervision, a plaintiff must prove that the school or child care facility breached its duty of providing reasonable care and injured child. Compensation for the harm suffered by your child, as well as any expenses such as medical bills, pain and suffering, and other related costs may be recovered in a successful case.
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