Spinal cord injuries can be caused in a variety of ways. They frequently occur as the result of auto accidents, but can also be the result of falls or other accidents that cause a sudden, traumatic impact to the spine. Medical malpractice, such as the failure to diagnose a spinal tumor, can also be the cause of a spinal cord injury.
Spinal cord injuries can be catastrophic.  They can result in partial or complete paralysis, breathing problems, incontinence, bedsores and illnesses like pneumonia. The extent and severity of a spinal cord injury depend on where the injury occurs in the spine and whether the injury is “complete” or “incomplete”.  When a doctor describes a spinal cord injury as a “complete” injury, it traditionally means the patient has no motor or sensory function below the injury site. An “incomplete” spinal cord injury is generally one where there is a sensory deficit below the injury site, but movement is still possible.
Because spinal cord injuries may have permanent, life-altering effects, compensation from any case must address not only the person ’s current pain and suffering but also the significant medical expenses and expected future medical costs.  The costs associated with a spinal cord injury may be over a million dollars in the first year alone. Costs may include home health care by a caregiver, motorized wheelchairs, modifications (specialized driving controls) to the victim’s automobile, and renovations (stair lifts, access ramps) to the victim’s home.
If a spinal cord injury was caused by negligence or malpractice, it is important to have an attorney knowledgeable and experienced in spinal injuries. As any award in a spinal cord injury case must be sufficient to pay for all costs of ongoing health care and rehabilitation that may last for the rest of the victim’s life, it is important that victims have experienced attorneys who will aggressively fight to ensure that they receive complete compensation.
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