Three Types of Pedestrian Accidents to Watch Out For

Pedestrians should feel safe when navigating the streets of New York City. However, negligent and reckless drivers make being a pedestrian dangerous. Collisions with pedestrians can happen in unexpected places and in unanticipated circumstances. Anytime they are somewhere where a vehicle may enter, pedestrians should be on the lookout. There are three types of pedestrian accidents that don’t happen every day that drivers and pedestrians should look out for.


Malfunctioning Traffic Signals

When a pedestrian arrives at an intersection, they patiently wait for their turn to cross. The pedestrian sees a walk sign and thinks it’s okay to safely cross the street. However, this is not always the case. A distracted driver may ignore the red light, or they may not even have one. When a traffic signal malfunctions, a driver feels they have the right to keep going. The city is responsible for ensuring that traffic signals are functioning or properly maintained. If you are injured in an accident due to a malfunctioning traffic signal, you may find yourself pursuing a claim against the city.


Driver Enters a Pedestrian Area

There are distinct areas where cars should not be. For instance, sidewalks, parks, a yard, and roped off events on the street. However, driver impairment and inattention can lead to a vehicle entering an area where they are not supposed to be and causing serious injury to pedestrians. In addition to intoxication and distractions, factors such as confusion due to a lack of proper signage or inexperienced drivers who are lost can also contribute to these types of accidents.


Backover Accidents

More common in parking lots and driveways, backover accidents occur when a vehicle hits a pedestrian while traveling in reverse. Most newer vehicles come equipped with backup cameras to prevent this type of accident. However, distracted drivers may not pay attention to these cameras, and some cameras can’t detect pedestrians who are coming from the side. Many times these accidents involve small children who can’t be seen by the driver. A driver has an obligation to ensure that the space behind them is clear before backing up.


Contact an Experienced Accident Attorney

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