The Dangers of Road Rage

Aggressive driving and road rage are major factors in car accidents and are far too common. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, nearly 80% of drivers surveyed expressed aggression, and anger while driving. Aggressive driving and road rage can lead to very risky driving behaviors and can result in serious accidents.

Road Rage 

Road rage is violent, aggressive, and threatening behavior behind the wheel, usually in reaction to another driver. Drivers with road rage are using their vehicles as a weapon and are attempting to intimidate or injure other drivers on the road. Aggressive drivers are generally not paying attention to the road and are instead focused on the driver who irritated them. They drive aggressively and dangerously. Signs that a driver is consumed with road rage include:

  • Aggressive tailgating
  • Yelling at other drivers
  • Honking the horn
  • Making angry gestures
  • Speeding
  • Trying to block another driver from changing lanes
  • Frequent and erratic lane changes
  • Passing in a no passing zone
  • Sudden braking or accelerating
  • Failing to obey traffic signals and signs
  • Driving illegally on the median, sidewalk, or shoulder
  • Cutting off another vehicle on purpose
  • Bumping or ramming another vehicle

These aggressive driving behaviors are likely to cause an accident because an angry driver is more likely to make a negligent error when driving in such an emotional state. Road rage encounters usually happen on highways which means any resulting accident can be very serious.

Unfortunately, we can’t control how an aggressive driver operates their vehicle. If you are confronted with a road rage driver, you should do your best to avoid them. This can be difficult when you are trapped on a highway. Do not make eye contact with the driver or engage in an argument. If a road rage driver follows you, drive to the nearest police station and remain in your vehicle. Someone consumed with road rage may threaten you with bodily harm or carry a weapon.

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