The Dangers of Nighttime Driving

The days are becoming increasingly shorter, and nighttime driving is a more frequent reality. Nighttime driving is dangerous. Even with high beam headlights, your visibility is about 500 feet in the dark. This creates less time to react to something on the road. There are a number of factors that contribute to this danger.


Compromised Vision

Night vision is the eyes’ ability to see in low light conditions. As drivers get older, they have less night vision and more trouble seeing in the dark. A 50-year old driver may need twice as much light to see as a 30-year old driver. As we age, our vision, in general, can become compromised. This lack of clear night vision can be dangerous in low light driving conditions. Drivers with compromised night vision should reduce their speeds and avoid driving at night.



A National Sleep Foundation study found that 60% of drivers admitted to driving while fatigued, and a shocking 37% have fallen asleep at the wheel. The reasons for drowsy driving include things such as lack of sleep, shift work, long work hours, and sleep disorders. Drowsy drivers are more likely to be on the road at night, where they don’t have the sunlight to help keep them awake.


Rush Hour

Evening rush hour occurs between 4 pm and 7 pm on weekdays. In the winter, it is already quite dark during this time. It is a dangerous time to drive because there are more cars on the road and everyone is eager to get home. The darkness only compounds an already dangerous situation.


Impaired Drivers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every day, 29 people die in an accident involving an alcohol-impaired driver. Drivers who are impaired by prescription and other drugs can even add to that number. Most impaired drivers are on the road after dark as parties end, and bars close.


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