Study Shows Impact of Speeding on Car Accident Injuries

Everyone knows that speeding is dangerous and can cause car accidents. However, it is important to understand the real impact speeding can have on car accident injuries. In January of 2021, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety concluded a study of the impact that speed can have in car accidents. The AAA started the study in response to concerns about cities increasing speed limits on their roadways. The organization wanted to examine the effects these increased speed limits had on safety.


Method of Testing 

The organization conducted crash tests at different speeds to determine impacts. The test simulated a head on crash with some overlap between vehicles of the same size traveling the same speed. Tests were conducted at three speeds: 40 mph, 50 mph, and 55.9 mph. The vehicles used in the test were 2010 Honda CR-V EX SUVs. These vehicles represented the average age of vehicles on the road and had earned top ranks in crash test ratings. Test vehicles were crashed into a fixed barrier that was composed of aluminum honeycomb materials. The dummy was placed in the driver seat and represented the average sized male driver. Sensors were placed on the dummy to measure injuries to head, neck, chest, thighs, and lower legs.


Results of the Testing

The overall measurement for each vehicle’s crashworthiness was a G (good), A (acceptable), M (marginal), and P (poor). During the test the vehicle that traveled 40 mph came out with an over all G rating. This meant that there were few injuries to the body and the structure of the vehicle remained relatively sound. Things went downhill as speeds increased. At 50 mph, the vehicle received an overall P rating.  While the structure of the vehicle remained good, there were significant injuries to the driver. These injuries were especially serious to the head, neck, and right leg. The vehicle tested at 55.9 mph also received a P rating with significant injuries to all parts of the body that were measured, except for the left leg which received an A rating. The structure of the vehicle was significantly compromised at this speed.


It is clear from the study that speed can have a significant effect on the injuries sustained in a car accident. At even higher speeds, the results could be deadly. It is important for cities to maintain lower speed limits and for drivers to be conscious of their speed at all times in order to stay safe.


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