Study Finds Speeding is the Most Common Factor in Car Accidents

Everyone has exceeded the speed limit at some point. However, many drivers make speeding a habit. As the speed of a vehicle increases, it becomes harder to maneuver and control. This can lead to a serious accident. A recent study found that speeding was the most common factor in car accidents.

The Study

The study out of the University of Waterloo in Canada analyzed data from insurance companies in Ontario and Texas. These insurance companies had installed monitoring devices inside their customers’ vehicles. Researchers compared 28 crashes with 20 control vehicles that had similar characteristics, such as geographical area and distance driven. The study analyzed data that recorded speeding, hard braking, hard accelerating, and hard cornering and compared it with the likelihood of crashes. The study found that driving too fast was the key difference between those vehicles involved in crashes and the control vehicles.

The Dangers of Speeding

Speed limits are put into place for a reason. Traffic engineers and governments have determined the fastest speed that a vehicle can travel down a roadway. Driving too fast is simply a dangerous way to drive. Drivers lose some degree of control over their vehicles, the faster they drive. Executing a turn at a high rate of speed can cause a driver to lose control. If a driver is driving too fast, they are also less able to quickly react to hazards in the road such as pedestrians and other vehicles. In addition, it is more difficult to stop a vehicle that is driving too fast, and more stopping distance is required. Even moderate speeding can make it difficult to avoid an accident.

Accidents that occur at higher velocities are also more likely to result in serious injuries. The speed of a vehicle is directly related to the force of impact it makes when it collides with another object. The higher the velocity of travel, the greater the impact, and the severity of the injuries involved. Accidents caused by speeding are entirely avoidable.

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