School Bus SafetyWe place our children’s lives in the hands of school bus drivers almost every day. Even if the driver is competent and safe, accidents can still happen. Recently a number of school bus-related accidents caused by reckless drivers resulted in the injury and death of several children. These accidents demonstrate that sometimes the safest place to be in a school bus accident is on the bus. Distracted and reckless drivers often fail to exercise the necessary caution required around school buses. It’s important to remember to practice safe driving and exercise care when faced with school buses on the road.

Safety for Drivers Around Buses

All motorists should make the safety of schoolchildren a top priority when they’re on the road. Under New York State law, when a stopped school bus flashes its red lights, traffic that approaches from either direction must stop before it reaches the bus. Most serious school bus accidents occur while children are crossing the street after being discharged from the bus.
School buses utilize flashing lights to indicate they are coming to a stop. Drivers must be aware that they need to stop, and must check that all students have cleared the area and the bus has turned off its flashers and stop sign before they begin to move again.

Safety for Bus Riders

In addition to practicing safe driving around buses, parents can also teach their children the importance of being safe around buses. You can keep your kids safe around the bus by teaching them to:

  • Stand three giant steps away from the curb when waiting for the bus
  • Wait until the bus is at a complete stop and use handrails when getting on or off
  • Don’t ever walk behind the bus
  • If they need to cross the street, always do so in front of the bus. Take five big steps away from the front of the bus, make eye contact with the driver, cross when the driver indicates it’s safe, and look both ways before crossing.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

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