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While typically uncommon, elevator accidents, when they do occur, can cause serious injuries, even death. Of course, the responsibility to maintain elevators rests on property owners and elevator maintenance company. When they fail to meet their legal responsibility, injured parties may recover for any personal injuries.
The following are common causes of elevator accidents:

  • Improper installation
  • Defective design, parts
  • Failure to inspect, maintain, repair, replace, warn
  • Negligent repair, maintenance, wiring
  • Malfunction of safety strips, electronic eye, pulley system

Elevator malfunctions can be traumatic experiences as passengers may become trapped for long periods of time, even a large number of hours. Elevator doors, which are heavier than most doors, may close too early and cause lacerations, head injuries, even fractures. Passengers may suffer serious injuries by becoming trapped between the car and the elevator’s side wall.  Sudden drops can cause severe injuries when passengers are thrown around the elevator car. The worst-case scenario is a fall down an empty elevator shaft, which is a more common occurrence on construction sites.
When using an elevator, the simplest piece of advice is to look before entering through the open elevator doors to ensure that the car is physically present. Use the emergency button if any type of problem occurs. To further reduce the risks of injury when using an elevator, observe the following suggested precautions:

  • Do not use an elevator during a fire
  • Do not enter or exit an elevator that is not level with the floor
  • Do not rush in as the elevator doors are closing
  • Do not physically hold elevator doors open
  • Do not try to pry open stuck elevator doors

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