Proving You're Not at Fault for a Car Accident

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident that was the fault of another driver, then you may be able to file a personal injury claim against that driver. However, what if the driver argues that you were actually the one at fault for the accident. How do you prove that you were not at fault for a car accident? There is some important evidence that can help you in your case.


Admission of Guilt by the Other Driver

The easiest way to prove that you’re not at fault for a car accident is to prove that the other driver was. One piece of evidence that can help with this case is an admission of fault by the other driver. Did the other driver apologize at the scene or admit guilt? This can be extremely helpful in establishing fault.


Photos and Video Evidence

The best time to preserve the evidence related to an accident is immediately after it occurs. Of course, if you were transported from the accident by ambulance, you may not have the opportunity to take photos or videos. If you are able to, however, you should take extensive photos of the scene, the vehicles involved, and any injuries that you can. When taking pictures, think about taking a detailed description of the accident scene.

In addition, video footage from vehicle dash cams, surveillance videos, and eyewitness videos can also be very helpful. Try to locate that type of evidence. In addition, you can take your own video of the scene.


Eyewitnesses to the Accident

Accident eyewitnesses can help prove that you’re not at-fault for an accident. After the accident, search out anyone that may have seen what happened. This could be other people who were in the vehicles involved or bystanders. Get their names and contact information and give that information to the police officer on the scene.


Police Report

A copy of the police report that was made at the scene will hopefully have an accurate description of what happened during the accident. Sometimes police reports are not accurate. Look at it closely, and if anything is incorrect, dispute it in writing.


Contact a Car Accident Attorney

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