Protecting Your Family From Unsafe ProductsWhen using a product results in some physical harm, you may have a product liability claim. Though the majority of the products we purchase are safe and work as intended, dangerous or defective products injure thousands of people every day. There is usually no way to protect yourself from a defective product because you may have no way of knowing it’s defective, but there are some steps you can take to try and keep yourself and your family safe.

Research Before You Buy

You can protect yourself and your family by researching a product thoroughly before purchasing. Check to see if there have been versions of the product that were recalled. See if there are reports of injuries resulting from the use of the product or whether there are any pending lawsuits involving the product.

Purchase Products from Companies with an Established Reputation

Before they’re placed on the market, products should undergo rigorous safety testing. However, some companies are more thorough than others when it comes to product testing and issuing recalls when necessary. Try to buy products from companies with a trusted reputation for quality. While you may save a buck purchasing a knock-off version of a product, you may also place your family in danger.

Make Sure Children’s Toys are Age Appropriate

Most manufacturers put age recommendations on their products. While these are usually done in an abundance of caution, it’s a good idea to follow these guidelines to keep your children safe. Many toys have small parts that can become choking risks for younger children. It’s important also to check whether toys and games require adult supervision. Use common sense; if the toy looks hazardous to you, then it’s probably not worth the risk.

Use a Product Responsibly

While manufacturers and designers can be liable for injuries caused by their products even when the products are being misused in a foreseeable way, it’s best to only use products the way the manufacturer intended.

Check for Product Recalls

Keep up to date on product recalls and check to see if any of the products in your home have been recalled by searching the database maintained by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If a product has been recalled, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for next steps.
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