Product Liability and Fire Hazards

Product manufacturers are responsible for making products that are reasonably safe for consumers. They are also responsible for including adequate safety warnings on products. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are killed or injured each year by unsafe consumer products. One of the most dangerous types of product defects is fire hazards.


Fire Hazards

A product that is a fire hazard can cause serious injury and property damage. Among the most common causes of house fires is defective home appliances. Household items such as space heaters, air conditioning units, electrical devices, and home wiring can also contribute to house fires. Even though smoke detectors and fire alarms are helpful in saving lives, people die every year in house fires. Many more are seriously injured. Manufacturers have an obligation to test their products and ensure that they are not fire hazards before placing them on the market. If they discover that a product is a fire hazard, then the product should be immediately recalled and removed from store shelves.


Fire Hazard Recalls

When it is discovered that a product is a fire hazard, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will institute a recall of that product and advise consumers to discontinue use. Some infamous products that have been recalled as posing fire hazards include:

  • 2006—Sony notebook computer batteries were a fire hazard, which resulted in the recall of millions of laptop computers
  • 2015—Beats Pill XL speakers were recalled for posing a fire hazard
  • 2016—Samsung recalled 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 cell phones after batteries exploded or caught fire during charging
  • 2019—Ford Motor Company recalled 2017-2019 Super Duty pick up trucks due to fire concerns

Thousands of products are recalled every year due to fire hazard concerns. Some recent product recalls involving fire hazards include:

  • October 2020—Homerygardens extension cord splitters recalled because they cannot handle the appropriate amp load, which can be a fire hazard
  • October 2020—Endliss Technology recalls trianium battery phone cases due to burn risk.
  • September 2020—Westinghouse Portable Generators recalled because they leak fuel, which can pose a fire hazard.
  • September 2020—Royal Gourmet recalls gas grills because the plastic regulator hose can melt and catch fire.
  • August 2020—Pier 1 Three Wick Halloween candles recalled because high flames can ignite the surface of the wax and pose a fire hazard.

If you want to check whether products in your home pose a fire hazard, you can search the CPSC product recall database.


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