Preventing Construction InjuriesConstruction work is regarded as one of the most dangerous professions. Injuries on construction sites are a common occurrence. That’s why contractors and owners have an obligation to safeguard their sites and take steps to mitigate the hazards faced by construction workers. There are a number of steps contractors and owners can take to keep workplaces safe:

Provide Adequate Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hasrequirementsfor construction worker safety training. In addition, New York City recently instituted new safety training requirementsfor construction workers. Contractors and owners should ensure that they comply with these requirements and train workers on all appropriate safety measures. Workers should be trained on topics such as how to prevent falls, and drug and alcohol awareness. Experienced workers should take frequent refresher training.

Proper Safety Gear

Contractors and owners should ensure that all workers on the site have the proper safety gear. This includes hard hats, eye protection, harnesses, and hearing protection. It’s also important that workers have high traction footwear and wear highly visible clothing.

Follow Safety Regulations

It should go without saying that contractors should comply with all applicable safety regulations.This includes taking steps such as ensuring that scaffolding is properly placed and constructed, developing an appropriate fire prevention program and making sure that hazardous materials are contained. Contractors and owners should also be sure to provide clear walkways for workers that are free from debris or other defects that could cause a fall.

Have Strong Supervision

While construction workers should have been trained to understand the consequences of not taking safety precautions, they may not always follow the rules. There should be a strong supervisor on site who is willing to enforce all safety standards without exception to keep everyone safe.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

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