Pedestrians Die Every 90 Minutes in the United States

In the United States, a pedestrian dies on the street every 90 minutes. According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, 2018 is projected to have the most pedestrian deaths in decades. The death count is projected to hit more than 6,000. In New York alone, the number is projected to be close to 120 pedestrian deaths. That’s 120 people who go out for a walk and never come home.

Reasons for High Number of Pedestrian Deaths

The number of pedestrian deaths is higher in the United States than it is in other parts of the world. So what makes the United States unique? Experts point to an increased level of distracted driving caused by the advent of smartphones and technology inside vehicles. In addition, roadways in many major American cities are not designed with pedestrians in mind. This is especially true in lower-income neighborhoods. Dangerous intersections, a lack of intersections, and a lack of barriers between roads and sidewalks make walking a dangerous exercise.

In New York City, only 7% of the city’s streets are responsible for more than half of instances where a pedestrian dies.  Areas such as Linden Boulevard from Flatbush Avenue to Sapphire Street in Brooklyn and Columbus Avenue from Ninth Avenue to Morningside Drive in Manhattan are now on the City’s radar due to the number of injuries and deaths that have occurred along those routes. Improvements to the infrastructure could go a long way to preventing pedestrian deaths. The City has adopted the Vision Zero plan in an effort to eliminate traffic deaths, and hopefully making the streets safer for pedestrians will be a major part of that plan.

There are other measures that can be taken to reduce pedestrian deaths. Drivers need to be educated on how to be more respectful of the rights of pedestrians. Staying away from distractions and keeping an eye out for pedestrians is an important safety measure. In addition, redesigning vehicles to make them safer with softer bumpers, raised hoods, and repositioned engine components could make collisions with pedestrians less deadly. The European Union has already instituted some of these standards, and manufacturers are designing their vehicles with the goal of cushioning the impact with pedestrians.

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