Older Drivers More Prone to Distraction from In-vehicle Technology

Distracted driving is on the rise, and the advent of advanced in-vehicle technology has made matters worse. Infotainment systems are found in many newer vehicles. While millennials are often seen as the major source of distracted driving, a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that older drivers may be more prone to distraction from in-vehicle technology.

The Study

AAA’s study evaluated 128 licensed drivers and asked them to complete tasks using the infotainment systems in a vehicle. The tasks included using the radio and the navigation system. Eligible participants were all English speakers with normal to corrected vision and clean driving records. They each passed a 20-minutes defensive driving class before participating in the study. Participants were sorted into two groups: younger drivers (aged 21-36) and senior drivers (aged 55-75).

The researchers asked the drivers to complete the following tasks using in-vehicle technology:

  • Call someone on their contact list
  • Tune the radio and choose music from a USB connected iPad
  • Listen and reply to text messages using dictation
  • Start and cancel the navigation system

The study revealed that senior drivers were up to 8 seconds slower than millennial drivers when accomplishing these tasks. Taking your eyes off the road for even 2 seconds can be dangerous, so 8 seconds can lead to catastrophe.

The Dangers of In-vehicle Technology

The prevalence of in-vehicle technology fundamentally changes the way drivers manage their attention behind the wheel. When drivers shift their attention between the infotainment system and the road, they can have problems giving total focus to the task at hand. If they’re taking long glances at the system inside the vehicle, they are taking a great deal of attention off the road. AAA officials recommend accomplishing these tasks before starting the vehicle, so you can maintain focus exclusively on driving.

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