NYC Passes Law Cracking Down on Dangerous Drivers

After two small children were killed when a driver plowed through a group of pedestrians in Park Slope, new legislation was introduced in the New York City Council that would crackdown on dangerous drivers. This legislation finally passed in February of 2020. The law is aimed at drivers who have multiple traffic violations.


Dangerous Vehicle Abatement Law

Under the new law, drivers who accumulate five or more red-light violations or 15 or more speed camera violations in a 12-month period will be forced to take a driver safety course or have their vehicle impounded. The sentiment behind the law is that people with multiple traffic violations are dangerous to others on the road. New York City will become the first city in the nation to rely on traffic camera violations to try to change the behavior of drivers. It is believed that the law will affect about 5,000 drivers or less than 1 percent of drivers in the city.

Drivers with a high number of violations are already subject to license suspension or revocation. However, traffic camera violations are tied to the vehicle and not to the individual driver. Violations caught on camera do not go on an individual’s license record.

Critics of the new law say it doesn’t go far enough. The driver who killed children in Park Slope had four red-light violations. She would not have been subject to this law. In addition, others feel that the punishment is insufficient. Taking a traffic safety course will not guarantee future safe driving and doesn’t seem to be much of a punishment. Impounding the vehicles of violators would go further in getting dangerous drivers off the street. City Council did leave the door open to give the law another look within three years to see if the number of violations needs to be lowered.


Traffic Accidents in New York City

After years of decline, traffic deaths in New York City spiked in 2019. Many of these deaths were pedestrians and bicyclists. Reckless drivers are responsible for a disproportionate number of accidents in the city. Speeding and running red lights have been a contributing factor in thousands of accidents. The city must enact laws and safety measures to protect pedestrians and bicyclists.


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