New York Ford Owners Warned of Backup Camera Recall

New York Ford owners warned of backup camera recall. According to a recent report, Ford has issued a recall affecting 383,000 SUVs in the United States. The automaker’s most recent safety recall is due to a problem with the video feed in its 360-degree rearview camera system. Ford manufactured thousands of vehicles between 2018 and 2023 that were impacted by this backup camera defect.


Ford’s 2023 Backup Camera Recall

Car and Driver reports that Ford’s backup camera recall includes: the 2020–2022 Lincoln Corsair, the 2020–2023 Lincoln Aviator, and the 2018-2023 Ford Explorer.

The majority of the impacted vehicles are Ford Explorers built between October 19, 2018, and January 3, 2023. It’s estimated that 279,700 of these vehicles could experience backup camera system problems.

Ford’s backup camera problem happens intermittently and results in vehicle screens not displaying camera images when backing up. The touchscreen camera shows a blank blue screen rather than what is behind the vehicle. When the video output fails, the driver can experience reduced visibility, increasing the risk of a collision.

As of late 2022, Ford had received 2,115 warranty reports and 17 crashes related to the defect. The automaker issued the same recall in 2021, and many previously repaired vehicles will reportedly have to be repaired again.


Ford Explorer Window Trim Investigation

In addition to the backup camera defect, some Ford Explorers have been experiencing problems with the vehicle window trim. According to a recent report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Agency (NHTSA) has received 164 complaints that trim pieces detach and fly off Ford Explorers when traveling at high speeds. The issue is with Explorer SUVs manufactured between 2011 and 2019, impacting approximately 1.86 million vehicles.

The Explorer trim panels are detaching at highway speeds and could hit vehicles operated by other motorists. The NHTSA commented that this could place other vehicles at risk of losing control and crashing. The agency plans to continue examining the issue to determine the potential safety consequences. The investigation is ongoing but could lead to another safety recall for Ford.


Types of Vehicle Defects

When a motor vehicle has a safety-related defect, it can lead to a collision or cause injuries from a crash to be more severe.


A vehicle may have defects such as:

Equipment failure—defects such as a camera suddenly not working or a parking brake disengaging on its own can increase the chances of an accident.

Airbag Failure—vehicle airbags can cause injuries by not inflating during an accident or by inflating when they should not.

Brake Failure—when a vehicle’s brakes fail, there is a significant risk of there being a serious accident.

Seatbelt Failure—drivers and passengers can suffer significant injuries when a vehicle’s seatbelt fails to stay latched or breaks.

Tire Failure—when a tire explodes while a vehicle is in motion, the driver, their passengers, and others can be seriously injured.


When a car or other vehicle has a dangerous defect, it can place the driver, their passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians at risk of serious harm. A personal injury from a vehicle safety problem can lead to extensive medical bills, lost wages and time at work, property damage, and other damages. In this situation, it’s essential to get fair compensation.

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