New York City Adjusts Traffic Lights to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

In the wake of a spike in bicyclist deaths, New York City is taking steps to improve the safety of the streets for bicyclists. One of these steps is to adjust the timing of green traffic lights in order to keep bicycles moving. The plan, which is called the “Green Wave,” aims to adjust traffic lights that had originally been synchronized to accommodate vehicles traveling 25 miles per hour to now synchronize for vehicles traveling 15 miles per hour. This is the average speed of a bicyclist.

Rising Death Toll

The number of bicyclists killed in the United States reached its highest level in decades in 2018. Most of these fatalities occurred on urban streets. New York City has seen a disturbing increase in bicyclist fatalities and is taking steps to make the streets safer and more bicycle-friendly. These steps have involved the reengineering of intersections and the installation of more bike lanes throughout the city.

Green Wave 

For the first time, the city is retiming traffic lights in order to give bicyclists priority. Cyclists who travel approximately 15 miles per hour will hit a wave of green lights as they travel. Vehicles traveling at the 25 miles per hour speed limit on these roadways will experience more green lights. The hope is that the timing of the lights will make vehicles slow down, which will result in a safer environment for the bicyclists. It will help maintain a slower and steadier traffic pace.

The green wave was quietly introduced in Brooklyn on a half-mile stretch of Hoyt and Bond streets. In the next year, the retiming of lights will be added to three more areas, including Clinton Street in Brooklyn, Prince Street in Manhattan, and 43rd Street in Queens. These areas have high bicycle traffic and lower vehicle traffic.

Motorists complain that the new traffic signal timing will result in more traffic problems throughout the city. However, the green wave not only makes the streets safer for bicyclists, but it also ensures an even flow of all traffic. This can result in fewer accidents and accidents that cause less severe injuries due to the lower rate of speed.

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