Motorcyclist Deaths in NYC Spike in 2020

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Motorcycles don’t have the external protection and safety features that cars have. They are less visible on the road and more prone to accidents. Now new data shows that 2020 was a deadly year on New York City streets as the number of motorcycle fatalities doubled.


Spike in Fatalities

In 2020, there were 50 motorcyclist deaths on New York City roadways. This is compared to 25 deaths in 2019. Factors that may have contributed to the increase in deaths is the fact that there were fewer vehicles on the roads but more reckless driving. Speeding was on the rise, and with more open roads, drivers were taking greater risks. The death surge came as the city experienced twice as many motor vehicle deaths and fewer pedestrian deaths.

The city has been taking steps to lower these numbers. Speed limits have been decreased on a number of roadways throughout the city. In addition, a request has been made to Albany to allow the city’s speed cameras to operate 24/7.


What Can Drivers Do?

While motorcyclists can try to be safer by wearing helmets and staying out of blind spots, there are a number of important steps that drivers should take to reduce motorcycle fatalities:

  • Avoid Speeding—when a vehicle is speeding, it is harder to stop in time to react to dangers. Driving the speed limit is the safest way to avoid accidents.
  • Be Aware of Motorcyclists—motorcycles have just as much right to be on the roads, and drivers have an obligation to be aware of their surroundings. Drivers should check their blind spots before changing lanes and making turns.
  • Don’t Share a Lane—while motorcycles don’t typically take up an entire lane of traffic, attempting to share a lane with a motorcycle can be very dangerous.
  • Leave Plenty of Following Distance—just as with any vehicle, it’s important to maintain adequate distance when driving behind a motorcycle. Rear-end motorcycle collisions can be deadly.


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