Moped Company Reopens Service in New York City After Deaths

Moped company Revel suspended service in August of 2020 in New York City after the death of three riders. The service has now reopened, and safety measures are being reviewed. The service began as a greener alternative mode of transportation in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. However, there was little oversight, and many Revel riders were breaking the rules by not wearing helmets and driving where they weren’t allowed. Revel was clearly not stressing safety and allowing its dangerous product to remain on the streets.


Serious Injuries

In addition to the deaths, two of which occurred in Brooklyn, some Revel riders have sustained serious injuries. Revel faced dozens of lawsuits in New York related to injuries. Some of these injuries were to pedestrians who were struck by Revel riders. The safety issues stem from the fact that Revel allows people to rent their mopeds with only a drivers’ license. There is a safety course provided, but it is entirely optional. Mopeds operate much like motorcycles, and motorcycle riders are required to have special licenses. In addition to a failure by Revel to provide safety measures, the City of New York also failed to provide any type of safety oversight.


Safety Oversight

After discussions with the City’s transportation department, Revel has returned to the streets and implemented some new safety measures. One of the new requirements is that users must text Revel a picture of themselves wearing a helmet before renting a moped. However, many people take the helmet off immediately, and it is easy to allow someone else to ride the moped after rental. There is technology available that can track helmet usage for the entire ride; however, Revel has chosen not to implement that measure.

There is also a brief online safety quiz that renters are required to take. However, riders still only need a driver’s license to rent a moped and not a specialized license. Officials want the City to require a specialized license for moped riders. However, there has been pressure from anti-car advocates to let the vehicles operate as is.


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