Mike Tyson Sued Under New York Adult Survivors Act

Mike Tyson sued under New York Adult Survivors Act. In January 2023, an Adult Survivors Act lawsuit was filed against heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson in Albany, New York. In the suit, the Plaintiff alleges that Tyson sexually assaulted her during the 1990s. Here is more on Mike Tyson being sued under the Adult Survivors Act.


The Adult Survivors Act


In May 2021, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Adult Survivors Act (ASA) into law, opening a one-year window for adult sexual abuse survivors to file suit against their abusers. The ASA also allows survivors to pursue claims against responsible institutions and entities.


The Adult Survivors Act Lookback Window


The ASA lookback window opened on November 24, 2022, and will close on November 24, 2023. Under this new law, adult sexual abuse survivors can file suit during this timeframe regardless of when the offense occurred.


The ASA Claim Against Mike Tyson


The suit against Mike Tyson is reportedly the first ASA claim filed in Albany County under the new law. In the lawsuit, the Plaintiff alleges that Tyson sexually assaulted her after she met him at an Albany nightclub in the 1990s. According to the complaint, Tyson invited the victim into a limousine under the guise of taking her to a party. While inside the vehicle, she alleged that Tyson began to kiss her, ignored her pleas to stop, pulled her pants off, and “violently raped” her.


According to a recent article, the Plaintiff stated in an affidavit that she “experienced feelings of guilt, loss of self-respect, shame, embarrassment, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, violent tendencies, drug and alcohol addiction, and confusion.” She also related that the assault has interfered with her ability to develop healthy relationships with men and others and that she has “experienced extreme emotional suffering including but not limited to nightmares, panic attacks, and flashbacks.” The Plaintiff is seeking 5 million dollars in damages from Tyson for the injuries inflicted by the assault.


Mike Tyson’s Prior Sexual Assault Conviction


The incident is said to have occurred during the same decade that Tyson was convicted of the sexual assault of 18-year-old beauty-pageant contestant Desiree Washington. Tyson was sentenced to six years for the offense and spent three years in prison.


New York ASA Claims


The Adult Survivors Act window is modeled after the Child Victims Act (CVA). This New York law provided survivors of childhood sexual abuse a similar timeframe to file claims against those responsible for their harm. The CVA filing window is now closed. However, New York sexual assault and abuse survivors who were over 18 at the time of the offense have until November 24, 2023, under the ASA to file previously time-barred claims. Adult survivors can bring claims related to incest and sexual abuse offenses defined in Section 130 of the New York Penal Law. In addition, survivors can bring suit against an abuser or third party for any intentional or negligent acts or omissions causing physical, psychological, or other injuries.


Adult Sexual Abuse Personal Injuries


When a person suffers sexual abuse, the impact can be severe and last a lifetime. In addition, survivors may endure physical and emotional trauma from their experience. This type of sexual abuse personal injury can be devastating, and it’s vital for survivors to get the damages for their harm and to support their recovery. The ASA and other laws can give victims their day in court and an opportunity to hold their abusers accountable.


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