Recently, residents of New York City’s public housing system discovered that, for nearly four years, the New York City Housing Authority had failed to conduct lead paint inspections mandated by federal rules and city law. Even more shocking was that NYCHA filed a false report with the federal government in October 2016, certifying that the Housing Authority had conducted lead paint inspections, although city officials knew otherwise.
Federal law requires the Housing Authority to annually conduct checks of all of its units that may have lead paint. In New York City, this is approximately 55,000 of almost 180,000. New York City Law also requires checks of the almost 4,200 units inhabited by any children under the age of six (6). Mayor de Blasio has acknowledged responsibility for the failure and stated in response to a question at a news conference about the scandal: “As a dad, I would be ****** off that in 2012 somebody stopped it.”
Thousands of NYC’s public housing residents received notices in May 2016 informing them that a city inspector would have to access their unit to inspect for potentially hazardous lead paint conditions. Nothing in these notices informed them that the inspections had not been conducted for four years.
When lead-based paint chips, flakes or is painted on friction surfaces and mixes with dust, it becomes dangerous to young children, who may ingest lead that gets on toys, hands and other surfaces. Children should have no more than 5 micrograms of lead in their blood according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are susceptible to ingesting lead paint because of their mobility and high level of activity. High lead levels can cause serious injuries to children, including permanent brain damage.
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