Johnson & Johnson Stops Selling Talc Based Baby Powder

After being ordered to pay billions of dollars related to lost legal battles, Johnson & Johnson announced that it would stop selling its talc-based baby powder in the United States and Canada. Legal battles have been related to claims that the product causes cancer in consumers. Johnson & Johnson continues to deny that talc-based baby powder is dangerous, but the evidence shows otherwise.


Cancer-Causing Agents

In separate investigations by Reuters and the New York Times in 2018, it was revealed that Johnson & Johnson knew for decades about the presence of asbestos in its talc-based baby powder. Reuters reported that company executives, mine managers, scientists, doctors, and lawyers fretted over the problem but did not disclose it to regulators or the public. Asbestos occurs naturally in the ground near talc and can become entwined with the substance during the mining process. If inhaled, the substance can cause lung cancers, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

Johnson & Johnson is not recalling the product and is allowing retailers to continue selling what is left on the shelf. The company will continue to sell the talc-based baby powder in other countries where there is a greater demand. They continue to assert that their product is safe for consumer use.


Ovarian Cancer

In addition to cancer caused by asbestos, talc-based baby powder has also been linked to ovarian cancer in consumers. While the science is complicated, there is evidence that Johnson & Johnson was aware of this risk after long-term use but did nothing to warn the public. Thousands of women have sued the company after they developed cancer. Billions of dollars in compensatory and punitive damages were awarded to a group of women who alleged their ovarian cancer was caused by their use of Johnson & Johnson baby powder. Six of the women died before trial, and five more died after the jury trial in 2018. A court found that the company acted with reckless indifference to the health and safety of consumers.


Contact a Product Liability Attorney

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