Is Your Inclined Baby Sleeper Safe

In January, four more brands announced that they were recalling more than 165,000 inclined baby sleepers. Graco, Summer Infant, Evenflo, and Delta Children announced the voluntary recall after infant fatalities had been reported with the use of other companies’ inclined sleepers. This recall came after the Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play recall in April 2019. Rock n’ Play sleepers were the most popular brand of inclined sleeper, and over 4.5 million of them were recalled.


Inclined Baby Sleepers are Not Safe

In October of 2019, parents were advised not to use inclined sleepers due to a risk of suffocation and death. From 2005 to 2019, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) received reports of 1,108 incidents and 73 deaths linked to inclined baby sleepers. Independent research found that no inclined sleep products were safe for babies.

Inclined baby sleepers conflict with what the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends for safe sleeping. According to the AAP, the safest way for a baby to sleep is on their back on a firm, flat surface with no bumpers, loose bedding, or stuffed toys. Inclined baby sleepers elevate the baby’s head from 10 to 30 degrees. This could potentially interfere with a baby’s ability to breathe. The defective design of inclined baby sleepers makes it so that infants can move into positions that cause asphyxia. Infants do not have the neck strength and head control necessary to prevent these injuries from occurring.


What if I Have an Inclined Baby Sleeper?

If you have an inclined baby sleeper, you should discontinue use immediately, even if your specific product has yet to be recalled. Surprisingly, there are still a number of inclined sleepers on the market despite efforts to have them voluntarily recalled. If your inclined baby sleeper was part of a recall, you should follow the directions issued by the recall as to what to do with the product. For example, the recall of Graco’s Little Lounger Rocking Seat directs consumers to contact Graco for a refund. You can find more details about the recalled inclined baby sleepers by searching the CPSC recall database.


Contact a Product Liability Attorney

If your child has been injured due to an inclined baby sleeper, you should have a product liability attorney evaluate your case. At Bonina & Bonina, P.C., we have over 50 years of experience helping the victims of defective products. Contact us online or call us at 1-888-MEDLAW1 to schedule your free consultation. Home and hospital visits are available. Se habla español.