Is Your Child Safe at Summer Camp

Summer is coming to a close, and many children have spent their days off in camp. Children seek fun and adventure in their summer camp experience, while parents hope for safety. Hopefully, you’ve done your research and found a camp that you feel is safe for your child. However, injuries at summer camp still happen, and the camp may be responsible.


The Camp’s Duty of Care

The camp is acting in place of the parents when you trust your children to their care. They have a duty to ensure that your child is safe. This means that they must keep the camp premises safe from hazards and adequately supervise the children at all times. All camps should have an adequate team of trained staff to supervise activities at the camp and ensure that everyone is safe. This staff includes counselors and lifeguards. If camp staff does not properly supervise the children and your child is injured, then the camp may be liable for the injury.


Injuries That Can Result From Inadequate Supervision

Inadequate supervision of the children at a summer camp can lead to a number of different scenarios where injuries can occur, including:


  • Drownings—most summer camps involve swimming, and it is the responsibility of the camp to ensure that there are trained lifeguards and other staff members around to protect the children in the water. Drownings are one of the most common injuries at summer camp.
  • Burns—summer camp frequently involves campfires and outdoor cooking. If children are not adequately supervised around a fire, they can be seriously injured.
  • Inadequate safety equipment—part of properly supervising children at summer camp is ensuring that they have the safety equipment they need for various activities. For instance, when boating, children should be wearing life vests. Horseback riding requires the use of helmets. If staff does not make sure children have the correct safety equipment, injuries can occur.
  • Injuries caused by other campers—children can be rough, and if they are not properly supervised, they can easily cause injury to fellow campers.
  • Sexual abuse—unfortunately, sexual abuse at summer camps is not uncommon. If children are properly supervised at all times, sexual abuse is less likely to occur.


Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

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