Important Evidence in a Premises Liability Case

Proving fault in a premises liability case requires solid evidence that will stand up to scrutiny. No matter what type of injury you sustained, proving fault can be a complicated process. You have to prove that you were injured by a dangerous condition on someone else’s property. You must also show that the property owner was negligent. Good evidence goes a long way to proving your premises liability case.



If you can, after you’ve been injured, you should be sure to take pictures of the dangerous condition that caused your injury. This condition could be a wet floor or an icy parking lot. You should try to take pictures as soon as possible as you want to show what the conditions were like on the day you were injured. The property owner, given time, will most likely remedy the condition.


Lease Agreements and Property Records

These documents will help show who was the owner of the property at the time of your injury. This will ensure that you’re making your claim against the correct person or entity.


Accident Reports

If you made a report to the police or to the business where you were injured, then copies of these reports can be important. If you spoke to the business owner but did not have a report made, then it is important to recall as much detail about the interaction as possible. Who did you speak to? What did you say? What did they say? Accidents reports may also contain statements from witnesses who saw you get injured or saw the dangerous condition on the property.


Medical Records and Bills

These are critical pieces of evidence to prove your case. Medical records and testimony from your doctor or an expert can demonstrate the extent of your injuries and the treatment you required. Meanwhile, your medical bills will show how much your treatment cost. This will establish the amount of compensation to which you are entitled.


Pay Stubs

If you have lost wages as a result of your injury, then it is important to establish this through the use of pay stubs.



Eyewitnesses play an important role in helping you establish the dangerous conditions at the time of your injury. After you are injured, you should try and collect the names and contact information of anyone who may have been an eyewitness to your injury. Additional witnesses such as your doctor, family members, and friends can testify about your injury and the effect it has had on your life.


Contact a Trusted Premises Liability Attorney

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