Hotel Pool Accidents

New York attracts millions of tourists and visitors every year. Many of these visitors stay in the hundreds of hotels the city has to offer. Hotels have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for visitors, and this responsibility extends to any swimming pools on the premises. Hotels use their indoor or outdoor swimming pools to attract guests and should take reasonable precautions to keep them safe.

Dangerous Hotel Pools

In order to keep swimming pools safe for their guests, hotels have a duty to repair any dangerous conditions or warn guests of danger. Some dangerous conditions that may exist at a hotel pool include:

  • Inadequate Barriers—hotel pools are very attractive to children, and hotels have an obligation to keep their pools secure so that children cannot easily access them. Pools that don’t have a locked door or some other barrier to prevent unaccompanied children from entering can be dangerous
  • Inadequate Signage—hotel pools should contain signage that advises guests if there is no lifeguard on duty. In addition, the depth of the pool should be properly marked, and it should indicate whether the pool is safe for diving
  • Broken Tile or Cement—hotels should repair any broken tiles or cement in the pool area or at least warn guests of the danger if they don’t have time to fix the problem immediately
  • Unusually Slippery Areas—while wet and slippery areas are common around pools, a hotel is still obligated to warn guests of the danger and to repair any areas that are more slippery than others.
  • Improperly Installed Diving Boards—hotels should ensure that any diving boards are installed properly and are placed in an area that is safe for diving
  • Broken Water Slides—if a hotel has a waterslide it has an obligation to keep the slide properly maintained and in a safe condition
  • Water Quality—the hotel has a duty to keep the water in the pool clean and clear. Murky or dirty water can lead to drownings and illnesses.

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