Hip Injuries and Nursing Home Negligence

A broken hip can be a devastating injury, especially for an elderly person. Unfortunately, when nursing home residents fall, hip injuries are very common. A broken hip is one of the most serious nursing home negligence injuries. The nursing home facility has an obligation to keep their premises safe and prevent falls.


Preventing Hip Injuries in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are required to implement safety measures, especially for residents who are fall risks, in order to prevent injuries such as broken hips. Some interventions that should be in place in the nursing home include:

  • Floor mats around beds and wheelchairs to cushion a resident’s fall
  • Bed alarms that will alert staff if a resident gets out of bed
  • Bed rails to prevent falls out of bed
  • Keeping the floor clear of debris and spills
  • Frequent supervision to prevent unsupervised ambulation
  • Railings on the wall to assist residents
  • Call bells available for residents who need assistance
  • Non-skid socks or slippers

How do Hip Fractures Occur in Nursing Homes?

Hip fractures in nursing home residents typically occur in one of three ways:

  • The resident falls on their own
  • The resident is dropped by staff during a transfer
  • The resident is physically abused

When family members learn that their loved one has a hip fracture, they may ask the nursing home what happened. The nursing home will likely blame the fracture on osteoporosis or brittle bones. However, it is more likely that the resident was dropped or fell. Elderly residents frequently have osteoporosis. This condition means that nursing home staff have to be even more careful when assisting residents.


Treatment of Hip Fractures

If a resident is healthy enough, then a hip fracture will be treated with one of several different types of surgery. Hip surgery usually involves a hospital stay of 2-7 days. After the hospital stay, a patient will then require rehabilitation and potentially time in a skilled nursing facility. The costs of these services can quickly add up.


Contact a Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

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