Governor Hochul Signs New York Speed Camera Law

For years, New York City’s school speed zone cameras have been on during weekdays between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. While the cameras are highly effective in deterring speeding, safety advocates have long criticized their operational limits. It’s estimated that the speed cameras have been off when 59% of traffic fatalities have occurred within these zones. Recently, Governor Hochul signed a speed camera law that will expand camera coverage.


New York’s Speed Zone Cameras


New York City currently has 1,647-speed cameras that monitor the city’s 750 school speed zones. Motorists who drive ten miles over the posted speed limit in these areas are automatically issued a $50 ticket. When the cameras are in operation, they can help reduce speeding by approximately 72 percent. However, most traffic fatalities in the zones have been happening outside of their operational hours.

In 2021, more than one out of three fatal on-street crashes occurred in school speed zones at a time when the cameras were not in use. New York City has also seen a significant increase in traffic-related fatalities this year. According to Department of Transportation data, Traffic-related deaths have spiked “by 44% in the first three months of 2022 as compared to the same period last year.” In response to this alarming trend, safe-street advocates and lawmakers have advocated for the expanded use of speed cameras and other traffic safety improvements.

In late June, Governor Hochul signed a new speed camera law. The new legislation (S.5602B/A.10438) renews authorization for the cameras to be operational until July 1, 2025. It will also allow them to be on twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. While signing the bill, Gov. Hochul stated that “New Yorkers don’t just deserve safe streets at certain hours of the day,” “We need to use every tool at our disposal, and far too many of our children have been killed by cars to not reauthorize and expand this lifesaving program.”

New York City Mayor Adams, who has long advocated for expanded speed camera use, commented that “Traffic safety is public safety, and speed cameras save lives” and “If our streets aren’t safe, our city isn’t safe. This is how we protect our streets, save lives, and make New York City safer.”


Home Rule


In recent months, Mayor Adams has requested that the city be granted “home rule” over the cameras. This would allow the municipality to control its speed cameras and the city’s red light camera system. Home rule advocates argue that giving the city the authority to manage and operate these important safety tools would be more effective than having to endure legislative delays and limitations.

However, home rule appears to be off the table for now. According to a recent report, lawmakers claim they could not consider the city’s home rule request because an actual bill was not drafted and introduced during the session.

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