Elevator Accidents

Elevators are a convenient way to move between floors in a building, especially if you are unable to use the stairs. While the majority of elevator trips are uneventful, it can be easy to take their safety for granted. There can be malfunctions in an elevator, just like with any other type of mechanical equipment. Often when an elevator fails it is the result of negligence by the elevator manufacturer or a service company. An elevator may have defective parts or been improperly serviced.

Common Causes of Elevator Accidents

When an elevator accident occurs, it is typically considered a “premises liability” case. This means that the accident occurs as a result of negligence by a property owner or manager. If the elevator itself is defective in some way, it may be considered a product liability case. Common elevator accidents include:

  • the elevator accelerates or drops in speed
  • the elevator gets stuck between floors
  • the elevator suddenly stops
  • the door of the elevator closes on passengers exiting or entering
  • the elevator doors do not open when expected

Accidents such as these are commonly the result of:

  • improper elevator maintenance
  • improper repair of the elevator
  • failure to get the elevator inspected in a timely manner
  • overheating
  • power failures
  • pulley system malfunction
  • electrical problems
  • elevator control malfunction
  • defectively manufactured elevator
  • defectively designed elevator

There are over 70,000 elevators in the City of New York and, as a result, the city has an entire unit responsible for ensuring the safety and service of elevators. In addition, there are city regulations regarding elevator safety and inspections that must be followed.

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