Construction Deaths in New York City Increased in 2019

According to a new study, construction fatalities accounted for 25% of workplace deaths in New York City in 2019. The number of construction deaths increased for the third year in a row. This outpaces the nation where only 19% of workplace deaths are in the construction industry. The city’s progress is measured in development and projects. However, this often occurs on the backs of thousands of construction workers. In order to compete in the industry, sometimes construction companies and contractors cut corners at the expense of workers.


Common Causes of Construction Accidents

Across the city, there are a number of common situations that lead to construction injuries or fatalities. These include:

  • Falls—according to OSHA, falls are the number one cause of injuries on construction sites and are one of the fatal four workplace accidents. If scaffolding is not properly maintained and worksites aren’t kept clear of hazards, falls are likely to occur.
  • Caught in or Between Objects—if work equipment is left on and unattended, the risk of being trapped in or between objects is high.
  • Struck by a Falling Object—there are many moving parts in construction sites. This is why everyone is required to wear hard hats. It is not uncommon for objects to fall from great heights and strike workers down below.
  • Electrocution—any worker can be electrocuted on a construction site. However, electricians, power line installers, roofers, and plumbers are at the greatest risk.
  • Lack of Training—when workers are let loose on a site without the proper training, they are a risk to everyone. All workers should receive the appropriate safety training and gear to do their job correctly.

Improving Safety on Construction Sites

There are a number of important steps construction companies, contractors, and the City can take to ensure that a construction site is safe. This includes:

  • Proper Training—all construction workers should receive the required amount of training before being allowed on a site. If an incident occurs, then additional training should be provided.
  • Regular Job Site Inspections—construction companies should inspect their own job sites to ensure they are safe and that safety measures are complied with.
  • Increased Fines—the City should institute increased fines for safety violations on job sites to encourage companies to keep their sites safe.
  • Expanding Prosecution of Criminal Contractors—contractors who have been negligent to a criminal extent should not be allowed to continue operating and should be prosecuted.

Contact a Construction Accident Attorney

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