Construction Accidents: What are the Leading Causes of Accidents on New York Construction Sites

New York construction accidents can happen in various ways, and workers need to know the circumstances under which they may be at risk. Here is more on the leading causes of accidents on New York construction sites:

Thousands of construction workers are killed or injured on the job each year. Construction work can be dangerous, especially when contractors and equipment manufacturers cut corners to save on costs. Often, these expense-saving measures come at the cost of critical safety measures for workers.


Construction site accidents can occur during the following:


Construction Accidents and Falls

One of the leading causes of New York construction accidents is falls. New York construction workers can be injured or killed by falling through an open-sided floor or off faulty scaffolding. Workers may also fall because of missing or faulty harnesses, guardrails, and other crucial safety mechanisms.

Being Struck by Falling Objects

Another major cause of New York construction accidents involves workers being struck by falling objects. A heavy object dropped from a significant height could seriously injure those working below. Further, even objects that fall from lower heights can cause physical injuries. These construction accidents can occur when machine operators are careless or have insufficient equipment training. Falling objects may also happen when workers are careless or when safety mechanisms fail to secure materials properly.

Getting Caught Between Objects

Machinery and materials should be carefully organized on a construction site. When heavy objects are placed too close together, workers can be placed at risk of being trapped between them. Construction accident injuries commonly happen when a worker gets caught between objects. These types of New York construction accidents can result in broken bones, damaged organs, severe contusions, and death.

Scaffolding Accidents

New York construction accidents also frequently occur because of scaffolding accidents. A scaffold may be poorly constructed or improperly maintained. As a result, workers can be hurt while working on these surfaces. A worker may also fall or suffer a slip and fall injury because of scaffolding accidents.


Another leading cause of New York construction accidents is electrocution. Electrocution accidents can occur when a worker comes into contact with an exposed power line. These types of construction accidents often happen when workers are not properly notified of electrical sources. They may also occur when a power line hangs too low and contacts a vehicle, machinery, or equipment.

Defective Machinery and Equipment

Construction projects usually involve several machines, tools, and pieces of equipment. These can range from forklifts and cranes to power tools. When machinery or equipment is defective, workers can sustain serious injuries.

Lack of Proper Equipment and Training

Construction workers can also be harmed when they are not provided with adequate protective gear and training.

Construction Vehicle Accidents

In addition, vehicles such as tractors, forklifts, trucks, and backhoes can injure workers on New York construction sites. In addition, when a driver is negligent in their vehicle use or improperly trained, they can injure others on the construction site.

Slip and Falls Accidents

Construction slip and fall accidents are also common ways for workers to be injured. These accidents can occur when uneven or slick surfaces are unmarked. Workers may also be injured by slipping and falling from high surfaces and scaffolding or while working at the ground level of a site.

The consequences can be devastating when someone is hurt or killed in a construction accident. If you or a loved one have suffered a New York construction accident, it’s crucial that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to discuss your claim. Your New York construction lawyer can help you evaluate your case and identify your options.

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