Common Causes of Building Collapses

There have been a number of building collapses around New York City over the past several months. Some of these have resulted in injuries, loss of housing, and general chaos in the area. When a building collapses, it can be devastating. Even though aging New York City buildings are most frequently involved in building collapse, it can happen anywhere, and negligence is usually to blame. Some common causes of building collapse include:


Lack of Maintenance

Problems such as water leaks, mold, and cracks in the building can lead to a devastating collapse if they are left untreated. Owners and managers of buildings have an obligation to inspect the building for these types of conditions and to keep the building properly maintained so that dangerous conditions don’t progress to the point where they lead to a building collapse.


Poor Building Design

The architects and engineers who design buildings must make sure they will be structurally sound. Making careless decisions about the design of a building can lead to it being unstable and prone to collapse. One of the things architects and engineers must consider is whether the building can withstand the weight that will be placed inside it. Overload of a building can lead to a collapse.


Poor Construction

A building that is poorly constructed or uses shoddy materials will be prone to collapse no matter how well it was designed. Some companies take cost-cutting steps while constructing buildings, and this can have a devastating result. Cutting corners by trying to use cheaper materials or rushing to meet a deadline are common issues that result in collapses.


Older Buildings

Buildings begin to deteriorate as they get older, especially in older cities like New York. Owners of older buildings have an obligation to take steps to update the structure of a building to ensure that it is sound.


Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

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