CDC Warns of Risks Associated With Juul E-cigarettes

Juul is the top-selling brand of e-cigarettes in the country. Juul has been criticized for years for inappropriately directing its marketing at young people. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning consumers of the dangers of using Juul, especially for young people.

What is a Juul E-Cigarette?

A Juul is a nicotine delivery device shaped like a USB drive that charges using a magnetic USB dock. Nicotine liquid refills, called “pods,” are available in flavors such as mint and mango. Users take puffs from the device, and it is meant to replace the experience of smoking cigarettes. Unlike other e-cigarettes, Juul uses nicotine salts from leaf-based tobacco as its main ingredient. These nicotine salts are said to create an experience closer to smoking than other e-cigarettes. Each pod contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes and lasts for 200 puffs. Juul starter kits cost around $50 and can be found in most convenience stores and other retailers.

Dangers of Juul

The CDC recently warned of the dangers associated with the use of Juul e-cigarettes. Due to the high level of nicotine salts contained in the product, it is very dangerous for the brains of teenagers and young adults. Since Juul has a history of marketing its products towards younger people, the effects of these dangers can be devastating. In addition, the CDC believes that nicotine salts can cross the blood-brain barrier leading to a more intense effect on adolescent brains. The effects of nicotine salts on the brain include difficulty with learning, memory, and attention. In addition, nicotine addiction can prime the body for addiction to other substances.

Improper Marketing

Juul has been criticized for fueling an epidemic in teen e-cigarette use. Early advertising campaigns used young models and targeted younger people. A study found that the company’s marketing campaign was “patently youth-oriented.” The company promised that it was safer than smoking and offered flavor enhancements, which may have appealed to teens. Many teens who weren’t even smokers to begin with, started using Juul, which had positioned itself as a lifestyle brand. The youth vaping trend coincided with Juul’s marketing campaigns.

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