Can a Dash Cam Help Your Car Accident Case

Often when there is a car accident, there are multiple stories about what happened. A driver who was negligent may try to deny any responsibility. In some instances, a victim of the accident may not remember what happened, or the accident can happen so quickly that the victim didn’t see what the negligent driver did. This is why video evidence may be helpful in establishing liability.

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a small video camera mounted on the windshield or dashboard of a vehicle that can be used to continuously record video of the road and traffic through the windshield. Dash cams can be purchased on Amazon or at any electronics retailer for anywhere from $40 to $200. Police officers are known to use dash cameras to record arrests and interactions with citizens, but they can also be useful tools for civilians.

Dash Cams in Car Accident Cases

A picture can be worth a thousand words, so having video footage of what occurred during a car accident can be extremely helpful when establishing who is liable in a car accident case. A dash cam can show reckless behavior by a negligent driver such as running a red light, driving while distracted, or running a stop sign. Even if the camera didn’t show the exact moment when the accident occurred, it could show behavior that took place before the accident.

A dash cam can also be useful for showing the severity of the impact. This can be helpful evidence when establishing the seriousness of the injuries sustained. It can also be helpful in proving any property damage that resulted from an accident.

Dash Cam Limitations

It is important to keep in mind that a dash cam may not always tell the complete story. Sometimes the camera is not pointed in the right direction, and the accident cannot be properly viewed. In addition, sometimes the footage from a dash cam may be too grainy to establish what happened clearly. This is why it’s important to have additional evidence when establishing liability in a car accident.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

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