Amusement Park Accidents

A visit to an amusement park can be a fun way to spend a summer day. However, a day at the park can suddenly turn tragic if someone becomes injured due to negligence. The owners and operators of amusement parks are responsible for injuries that are caused by their negligence or the negligence of their employees. Getting injured at an amusement park can result in serious medical problems.

Common Causes of Amusement Park Accidents

Many amusement park rides involve fast speeds, sudden turns, or extreme heights. These are normal parts of the thrill of the ride. These same thrills can quickly turn to disaster if things don’t go right. Some common causes of amusement park accidents include:

  • Ride operator error—operator error is common at amusement parks. Employees are frequently undertrained and underpaid. Ride operators who are tired, impaired by drugs or alcohol, or distracted can fail to recognize emergencies that need to be addressed and may fail to properly use safety equipment.
  • Inadequate training of employees– parks have a responsibility to ensure that employees are trained on how to operate rides and proper safety procedures.
  • Defective rides and safety equipment—amusement parks are always looking to introduce the biggest thrills and the most exciting attractions. Sometimes rides are introduced before there has been sufficient safety and design testing
  • Improper signage and failure to warn of dangers—the owners and operators of amusement parks have a duty to keep visitors adequately informed of any danger posed by rides.
  • Unrepaired ride damage– park owners and operators have a duty to keep their rides properly maintained and to repair any damage.

An accident can occur in almost any area of the park. The reasons for these accidents can include general negligence, product liability, or premises liability. It is imperative that park owners and operators keep their properties safe for visitors and if they fail to do so they may be liable for any injuries.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

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