Advocacy Group Report Finds Dangerous Levels of Traffic Coming to New York City

Transportation Alternatives (T.A.) is a New York City advocacy group that pushes for better walking, bicycling and public transit options for New Yorkers. T.A. tracked data related to transportation as New York has reopened after COVID-19 restrictions and has found that the city may be subject to dangerous levels of vehicle traffic.



The advocacy group noted that as more people choose to drive rather than take public transit, there will be a significantly increased amount of traffic on New York City roadways. The analysis found that not only are New Yorkers driving more, but they are also driving more dangerously. There has been a 67% increase in speeding since March 2020, which can lead to increased fatalities. In addition, data shows that drivers are searching for directions more frequently. Data from Apple Maps shows that there has been a 27% increase in requests for driving directions in the city. This means that there are potentially a larger number of less experienced drivers on the road, which can lead to more accidents.


More Bicycles on the Road

In addition to more cars on the road, there has also been an increase in the number of bicycles on the road. In August, the number of daily bike crossings across the East River was up 23% from the same time last year. There are also more inexperienced bicyclists on the road. Google records show an increase in searches for “how to bike” in the New York City area. Inexperienced cyclists, coupled with inexperienced drivers, could be a recipe for disaster.

The TA advocacy group is calling on the mayor to quickly implement policies that will protect everyone on the road. Increased bike lanes, greater driver education, and other methods could prove very useful. More vehicles of any type on the road mean more accidents, and any measures that could be taken to make the roads safer could save lives.


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