Accidents With Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers run rampant throughout New York City, delivering everything from Amazon orders to takeout food. Over the past few years, the number of delivery drivers on the road has skyrocketed. Increased numbers of delivery drivers on the road mean more accidents.

Causes of Delivery Driver Accidents

Most delivery drivers work on a deadline and experience extreme pressure to complete their routes quickly and accurately. As a result, they frequently drive in a negligent manner that can result in accidents with serious injuries. Some common causes of delivery driver accidents include:

  • Driver distracted by using the GPS or app for the company they are delivering for
  • Driver distracted by unfamiliarity with the route they are driving
  • Speeding to complete deliveries on time
  • Driver drowsiness caused by long hours on the road
  • Aggressive driving behavior
  • Inexperienced driver
  • Failure to obey traffic signals
  • Unreasonable delivery deadlines and expectations
  • Poor delivery truck maintenance

Liability in Delivery Driver Accidents

Determining who is responsible for a delivery driver accident can be a complicated manner. If a driver is an independent contractor and uses his own vehicle to perform deliveries, then it may be the responsibility of the driver. However, often, it is not solely the driver’s responsibility. If the driver works for a company, the company may be held responsible for the actions of its employees. Companies such as FedEx and UPS often hire drivers as employees and can be held liable for injuries caused by their employees.

When it comes to deliveries for companies like Amazon, the situation can become even more complicated. Amazon typically contracts with companies or drivers to deliver packages to its customers. The trucks and vans used for Amazon deliveries are sometimes rentals and are usually unmarked. It can be difficult to determine who is responsible for the accident. If you’re involved in an accident with an Amazon delivery driver, you may need the help of an experienced attorney to determine who may be liable.

Contact an Experienced New York City Attorney

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