5 Signs of Medical MalpracticePatients rely upon health care professionals to accurately and competently diagnose and treat their conditions and illnesses. However, there can be situations when a patient is injured because of a medical provider’s negligence. If you believe your health care professional’s malpractice has harmed you, it’s important to take action. However, you may be uncertain that your doctor or other provider did something wrong. There may be indications of your health care provider’s negligence. Here are 5 signs of medical malpractice:


  1. Your Treatment or Procedure Went Wrong

Doctors and other medical professionals are required to meet a set standard of care when attending to their patients. If you were seriously injured or harmed, it may be because of provider negligence. One sign of possible malpractice is that something went very wrong with your treatment or care.

It could be that you were injured because you were:

  • misdiagnosed
  • had wrong-site surgery
  • had surgical materials left inside your body
  • not properly monitored during a procedure
  • given improper treatment
  • given a dangerous combination of prescription medications

A patient may be injured during surgery, or they may become seriously ill after undergoing treatment or a procedure. Children and mothers can also be harmed during birth.

When a patient receives improper medical care, there can be serious and even deadly consequences. If you or a loved one’s treatment or procedure did not go as expected or planned and there was an injury, it may have been due to malpractice.


  1. You Receive a Very Different Second Opinion

Sometimes a patient will be under the care of one provider and become concerned that they are not getting adequate information or care. For example, suppose your doctor diagnoses you with a non-serious skin condition, but you feel something is wrong. In that case, you may decide to see another physician. A patient may also seek another provider’s opinion because they have received a concerning diagnosis. If your second opinion information is very different from your provider’s assessment, there may be a misdiagnosis issue.


  1. Your Provider Refuses to Discuss Your Concerns or Condition

When you are diagnosed with an illness or scheduled to undergo treatment or surgery, your doctor will probably provide you with a lot of information. Likewise, you should be able to talk to your provider after the fact and have an open discussion about your concerns and condition. If you feel that your doctor is evasive or dismissive of your questions, it may signify that they made a mistake with your care.


  1. Your Provider Diagnosed You Without Proper Testing

To a layperson, medical conditions can be mysterious. However, outside of routine illnesses or injuries, most require some measure of testing such as blood work or an X-ray. You may have also been diagnosed with a condition that usually requires a CAT-Scan or M.R.I. If you have been diagnosed with a serious health condition without proper testing, your provider may have breached the standard of care.


  1. Your Provider Admitted Error

There can be situations when a doctor, nurse, technician, or other health care provider will admit wrongdoing. If one of these individuals makes a comment to the effect that there was an error with your care, there may have been malpractice.


Contact an Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice can impact a patient for years or even life. However, the law limits the time you have to take action to pursue a medical malpractice claim. Therefore, if you or a loved one have been injured, it’s important to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.

The Med Law team has extensive experience in handling medical malpractice claims. Our seasoned attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience and have obtained many multi-million-dollar recoveries on behalf of injured patients. We work with the finest medical experts to ensure that every member of our team understands the medicine and can fight these cases with the same sophistication and knowledge that the doctors do.


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