3 Reasons the Lookback Period in the Child Victims Act is important

The Child Victims Act is an important piece of legislation that allows the survivors of child sexual abuse hold their abusers accountable. A crucial part of this legislation is the “lookback window.” This provision allows survivors to sue their abusers, and the institutions that enabled them regardless of the statute of limitations. The lookback period runs through August 14, 2021. This part of the law is important for a number of different reasons.


Coming Forward is Difficult

When you are the survivor of child sexual abuse, you have been through a traumatic experience. Sometimes it is difficult to talk about or you have feelings of guilt or shame that prevented you from coming forward for years. This frequently happens to survivors who have spent years holding in their secrets. The lookback period provides an important opportunity to those survivors who have finally found the courage to come forward with their stories. The ability to hold abusers accountable despite years of silence is an important part of the healing process.


Time to Investigate

Although it is relatively brief, the extended lookback window gives attorneys and survivors a chance to investigate the circumstances of individual cases. Sometimes determining the details and who was involved can take some time. Finding important witnesses can also be a challenge. Any extra time that is provided to take these steps is important to a strong case.


Holding Abusers Accountable

Another important aspect of the lookback window is the opportunity to hold abusers, and the institutions that enabled them, accountable for their actions or failure to act. Many individual abusers may have passed away but the institutions they worked for are still around. Those institutions should be held responsible for what they allowed to happen. They should not be protected by the passage of time. Survivors deserve compensation for what they endured as the result of these institutions’ failure to protect them from abuse.


Contact a Child Victims Act Attorney

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