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Wrongful Death

This page represents only a partial listing of some of the wonderful results achieved by our firm for our clients. For additional information please contact us.

Student Drowns in High School Swimming Class- Inattentive Instructor -

The jury returned this $6,000,000 verdict in Supreme Court, Kings County.

Verdict breakdown: $4,000,000 for wrongful death; $2,000,000 for pain and suffering. A 16 year old student at Brooklyn Tech High School, was a novice swimmer and drowned when the swimming teacher left the class before the end of the free swim period and he was at the deep end of the pool.

Failure to Diagnose Lung Cancer - Wrongful Death of 56 Year Old Woman -

The unanimous verdict for $4,646,000.00 was rendered in Supreme Court, Kings

Verdict breakdown: $1,146,000 for conscious pain and suffering; $500,000.00 to each of the decedent's seven adult children for wrongful death. Decedent was 56 years old on the date of her death, and was employed by Catholic Charities delivering "Meals on Wheels," earning $16,500 per year at the time of her death, and leaving eight children between the ages of 19 and 38. The decedent had a chest x-ray performed which John Bonina claimed showed early cancerous changes in her left upper lung. He also claimed that the radiologist employed by defendant Medical Group departed from accepted medical practice by failing to report the abnormality and failing to order additional x-rays of decedent's left lung. John Bonina also claimed the defendant doctors and medical group each misread a 9/24/90 x-ray, resulting in a further 4-month delay, during which time the cancer metastasized to plaintiff's bone marrow, rendering her inoperable by the time the cancer was finally diagnosed.

John Bonina claimed that the defendants destroyed the actual x-rays, as well as the initial x-ray report and blood test results. However, one of the decedent's daughters had earlier obtained copies of the x-rays for a second opinion, and these copies were placed into evidence at trial, and formed the basis for plaintiff's experts' opinions.

Excessive Delay in Treating Leaking Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm --
Wrongful Death of 61 Year Old Woman
- $2.5 MILLION

The unanimous $2,500,000.00 verdict was rendered on in Supreme Court, Kings

Decedent was 61 years old at death, leaving three adult children. She was brought by ambulance to the emergency room of Defendant Woodhull Hospital on 6/10/93 with a leaking abdominal aortic aneurysm. Shortly thereafter, she was seen by an emergency room physician and defendant, a surgical resident, both of whom diagnosed the aneurysm. No surgery was performed to stop the bleeding and repair the aneurysm until 6 hours after the decedent arrived at the emergency room.

John Bonina, Jr. contended that the extensive delay in surgery caused decedent severe pain, and ultimately resulted in her death. During the operation, decedent required a transfusion of 31 units of blood, and John Bonina contended that this massive blood loss caused a lowering of her body temperature, disruption of her blood clotting factors, and strain on her heart. decedent suffered cardiopulmonary arrest and died at 10:30 the following morning.

Fifteen Month Delay In Diagnosing Cancer - Wrongful Death Of 47 Year Old
Married Father Of Two
- $1.6 MILLION

There was a unanimous $1,646,000 verdict in this Staten Island case involving a fifteen month delay in diagnosing lung cancer, which caused the wrongful death of a 47 year old married father of two.

The decedent, a 47 year old married dry cleaner with 2 children, died as a result of a 15 month delay in diagnosing lung cancer. John Bonina, Jr., proved that the decedent had cancer in January, 1994 when his doctors took a chest x ray. Through his oncology expert Mr. Bonina proved that the cancer was stage I in January 1994, and that there was a 90% chance for a cure at that point. He further proved through his expert radiologist that the cancer was visible on the 1/94 xray, and that the doctor's failure to see it or report on it was a departure from accepted medicals practices.

Mr. Bonina proved that by the time the cancer was diagnosed in April, 1995 it had massively spread and was terminal, and was the cause of the decedent's death in June, 1997. The jury awarded the decedent's wife $500,000 in wrongful death damages, the decedent's daughter $150,000 in wrongful death damages, the decedent's son $62, 500 in wrongful death damages, the decedent's wife $200,000 for loss of services, $200,000 to the Estate for pain and suffering and $533,500 to the Estate for lost earnings. The parties reached a confidential settlement after the verdict.

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