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Personal Injury

This page represents only a partial listing of some of the wonderful results achieved by our firm for our clients. For additional information please contact us.

Many personal injury cases settle before trial. View a sample listing of settlements

Gym Class Accident - $200,000

Following the liability verdict, the case settled for $200,000.00. The jury returned a 100% liability verdict against the defendants in this matter after a two day trial in Supreme Court, Kings County.

Plaintiff, a female 16 year old junior at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, sustained a left elbow injury during wrestling class.Plaintiff had signed up for the wrestling class along with another female student. On the day of the accident, the other female student was late for school, so the wrestling instructor matched Plaintiff up with a heavier, stronger, male student. Plaintiff was positioned on top of the male student and instructed to try and take him down, which she could not do. The gym teacher then instructed them to switch positions, at which time the male student took Plaintiff down very quickly and forcefully, slamming her left elbow into the mat.Plaintiff sustained a nerve injury to her left elbow called a cubital tunnel syndrome.

John Bonina, Jr. successfully argued to the jury that pairing a female wrestling student with a larger, stronger, male student created a mismatch, and was thus negligent. He also defeated the defendants' claims that Plaintiff assumed the risks involved in wrestling by enrolling in the gym class in the first place. Following the liability verdict, this case settled for $200,000.00.

Snow & Ice - Pedestrian - Trimalleolar Fracture of Left Ankle - $150,000

The jury in this matter found 100% liability against defendant The City of New York on in Supreme Court, Kings County.Following the verdict on liability, the defendant The City of New York settled this matter for $150,000.00.

Plaintiff, then 53 years old, was crossing the street at the intersection of 24th Avenue and 86th Street in Brooklyn. As she was about to reach the curb, she stepped on water and ice, slipping and sustaining a trimalleolar fracture of her left ankle.She developed traumatic arthritis, and her orthopedic surgeon recommended future corrective surgery.Deborah Trerotola demonstrated to the jury that plaintiff fell due to a broken curb, which was obscured by a puddle of water that had accumulated by the sewer. Ms. Trerotola proved that the defendant City had prior written notice of the defective curb, as well as the sewer backups. She successfully argued that the plaintiff was unable to see the broken curb because of the accumulation of water by the overflowing sewer.

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