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Dental Malpractice

This page represents only a partial listing of some of the wonderful results achieved by our firm for our clients. For additional information please contact us.

Improper Treatment of Infection Following Wisdom Tooth Extraction - $315,000

This $315,000.00 verdict was returned in Supreme Court, Richmond County.

Plaintiff underwent a wisdom tooth extraction performed by Defendant 1 in and thereafter developed an abscess filled with pus at the extraction site. He returned to this dentist, who lanced the abscess and drained it, and placed plaintiff on oral antibiotics. Plaintiff returned several weeks later with continued infection, and was given a prescription for the same exact antibiotic. He was then referred by Defendant 1 to an oral surgeon, Defendant 2, who advised better oral hygiene and referred him back to Defendant 1. A TMJ disorder with chronic lockjaw set in, which ultimately required oral surgery a year later at NYU Dental Center, to stretch the jaw muscles and restore normal range of motion in plaintiff's mouth.

Even after the surgery, up until the date of trial, plaintiff continued to suffer from occasional chattering of his teeth and ringing in his ears because of residual scarring in the area of the previous infection. John Bonina successfully proved that Defendant 1, the dentist who performed the extraction, committed dental malpractice in failing to take a culture of the area of infection, on either of the two post-extraction office visits. He also proved that Defendant 1 was negligent in continuing the same antibiotic on the second post-extraction visit, after plaintiff's infection had not responded to this antibiotic previously. John Bonina also proved that Defendant 2 was negligent in his treatment, because he failed to refer plaintiff for oral physical therapy to restore the range of motion in his mouth after the infection had subsided.

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